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Fraud and Consumer Protection

How We Can Help

Have you ever been duped by a fraudster? Scammed by someone who didn’t deliver on their promise? Were you quoted one amount for a job, only to find that the actual price tag doubled or tripled in price without warning?

It happens more than you would think, and it is NOT your fault! Fraudsters prey upon anyone and everyone that they can get their hands on, and often promise to offer exactly what you need when you need it. Instead of delivering though, they’ll run off with your deposit or worse, take off with your property.

Fraudsters take advantage of you at your most vulnerable, but we are here to help. We’ve built our reputation on helping to bring fraudsters to justice, and we fight to get back your property and get the results that you deserve.

Remember, if a swindler has taken advantage of you then you are likely not alone. We’ll often be asked to represent multiple individuals who have been abused and mistreated by the same fraudster. Every case matters, and the mounting evidence of a company’s scams can help bring them to justice.

We regularly assist our clients with fraud and consumer protection matters through:

  • Demand letters
  • Superior Court claims
  • Small Claims Court claims
  • Interlocutory (interim) orders
  • Emergency motions and injunctions
  • Negotiation, mediation, and arbitration (alternative dispute resolution)
  • Third-party claims and claims for indemnity (for parties caught in the middle)

Lastly, we know that prospective clients may not have worked with a lawyer before, and may be hesitant to reach out. We take the time to guide you through the legal process, explain every step, and we’ll work with you to try and get the results that you’re looking for.

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Whatever your problem, chances are we can help. Call us at +1 647 243 5111 and our team will will expedite your case.

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