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Consumer Protection Law Firm

A law firm focused on helping clients when they need it most.

We Provide Distinctive
Services for You

We look after clients in some of the most
frustrating situations that they’ll face, and
we do what we can to make it right.

We Are Fully Committed
to Your Case Resolution

That means that we don’t stop just because things get difficult. We have extensive experience fighting those who take advantage, and we do our best to help you get the results that you deserve.
About Us

About The Firm

Scocco Law started in 2019 with a vision. 

As a young lawyer, Rocco Giordano Scocco saw firsthand how inaccessible legal services could be for those who needed them the most. Innocent people who were being swindled and cheated by the worst people in society did not know where to turn. If police couldn’t help, or weren’t the right resource, how would those who needed justice even know where to turn?

Rocco has made a name for himself as the lawyer not afraid to take on the con-artists running the moving company, or the fraudsters who run away with your large deposit. Stopping a scammer in their tracks is one of the greatest rewards for what we do.

Rocco set out to make Scocco Law an accessible litigation firm to seek justice. The firm has assembled a sharp team of civil litigation lawyers. We’ve established our reputation by going after scammers and fraudsters across Canada who take advantage of everyday Canadians in need of a practical solution. Our advocacy in every single case helps ensure that our clients receive only the best representation in their matter.

While he was focused on offering justice, Rocco’s goal was to make Scocco Law a just place for lawyers and staff to work as well. He had seen the world of big law and hierarchies, where the highest billing rates are only accessible to the wealthiest clients, and the young lawyers doing a lot of the legwork have no connection to the clients at all. His vision was to make Scocco Law a workplace where all lawyers can work together for the clients’ benefit, and all ideas and solutions are welcome at the table.

The result has become a precedent-setting firm where a diverse group of lawyers are able to give everything that they have to front line client service, appear before all levels of court to advocate for their clients, and where they can work together to find solutions for clients’ most difficult problems.

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